5 Tips to Setting Goals in College


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Goals in College

Goal setting is something you do naturally, while setting goals is good, learning how to set effective goals can be difficult and something that takes time. Goals are very important for someone during their entire life; they give you motivation and determination to achieve things in a timely manner and give you the initiative to take control of your life. Having and setting goals in college can be especially beneficial in keeping your priorities in check when things become stressful and you have a busy schedule. Whether it’s to ace your next Calculus test or get into medical school, there are some important things to keep in mind when setting realistic goals for yourself.

1. Be specific

Instead of doing well in organic chemistry class or study a lot; try “Get an A in organic chemistry” or “study at least 2 hours a day”. Being specific with your goals will help you achieve them quicker and more productively. Write your specific goals down in a planner or on a piece of paper and read over it every day.

2. Tell yourself you will achieve the goal

Say it loud that you will achieve your goal; do this a couple times daily. Go to family members and close friends as they will offer the most encouragement in succeeding in your goal. Speak to them about your goals and how you will achieve them and remember to never give up!

3. Break up goals into smaller ones

It might be easier to achieve your goal by breaking it up into smaller steps; If your goal is to get an A in a certain class, try setting smaller goals such as getting an A on the first test, A on the second test and etc… Try focusing on achieving one piece at a time and if you mess up on one step, don’t be upset, just move on and focus on the next step.

4. Don’t worry about changing your goals

It really doesn’t matter if you change your goals, just make sure you have GOALS. You might decide for a different career path during college, which many students do when they change their majors. Just make sure to give the next goal your full attention and effort.

5. Reward yourself

Make incentives for every time you achieve a goal or a step towards your goal. This is a good way to keep on track and have fun also.

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Born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Jared Hart moved to Florida when at the age of 4. His hometown is Palm Harbor,Fl. Jared is currently a 4th year college student at the University of Florida majoring in Microbiology & Cell Science/pre-med track. Jared enjoys watching and playing many sports including soccer, golf and road cycling. He races competitively for the UF cycling team and a local team back home. Other interests include hanging out with friends, reading books, using social media and meeting new people. Jared aspires to one to go to medical school and pursue a career in sports medicine.

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