A Definitive Ranking of the Best Quesos in College Station


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As a Texas native, I can say with much confidence that us southerners take our queso very seriously. It has often been argued that College Station has a subpar queso selection due to to its lack of Mexican/Tex-Mex cuisine options. However, I would like to present a list that argues just the opposite. Although the research for this list was rather (*sarcasm alert*) painful and monotonous, it was worth it to provide my fellow Texas A&M Ags where they can find the best cheesy-goodness. BTHO hunger!

1. Torchy’s Tacos

Torchy's Tacos

Hands down best queso you can find in the BCS area. Trust me, the queso alone makes Torchy’s worth the wait! Cilantro-haters beware, torchy’s adds a ton to give their queso its unique and zesty flavor. CS is #blessed to finally have Torchy’s to grace us with its presence and delicious, golden delicacy.

2. Fuego Tortilla Grill

Fuego Tortilla Grill

Now there has been much debate recently as to whether or not Fuego’s queso or Torchy’s queso reigns supreme in C-Stat. Although I prefer the taste of Torchy’s, a lot of people enjoy the queso blanco that has held a special place in every Aggie’s heart at some point (whether it was 3 am trip after a night out at Northgate or just a method of comfort after a stressful test week). I recommend Fuego to anyone who prefers queso blanco, as well as a queso that isn’t too spicy. (Pairs well with Fuego’s famous maroon chips)

3. Los Cucos

Los Cucos

Los Cucos is definitely underrated in my opinion. It is rarely packed, and the food is awesome. This is especially true for their queso and puffy chips! Definitely a good option for those who like a lot of Pico de Gallo and a nice, rich, onion-y taste to their queso.

4. Lupe Tortilla

Lupe Tortilla

Although I’m not crazy about their chips, Lupe Tortilla has some of the best queso in the BCS area! The queso is very rich, not too spicy, and most importantly, cheap! I highly recommend ordering it as an appetizer with chorizo.

5. Chuy’s


Although Chuy’s is known in CS for their margs, they also have another delicious item: their skillet queso. One thing I love about their queso is how filling it is (I don’t think I’ve ever actually finished one full order before), as well as how well it tastes when mixed with their chunky salsa.

So there you have it folks! Whether you are craving some good ole’ Tex-Mex queso or are simply needing a cheese-infused “pick me up”, here’s your go to places.

Thanks and Gig ’em!

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