The Top 4 College Majors for Introverts


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Do you ever feel like spending more time alone than in groups? Or let’s just put it this way, maybe you just enjoy quiet time versus socializing? Hey, it’s not a bad thing; everyone can use a little Netflix and Chill session sometimes. And while it may be true that many of your friends consider you shy, you know what you like, and that’s being in the company of those you are closest to. If you agreed with any of the sentiments above, you just might be an introvert.

Sure, introverts get a bad rap; they are sometimes labeled weird or snobbish due to their shy tendencies, and because of their quiet nature, they can be overlooked in the workplace, on social media, or even in the dating world. While these speculations might be true to some extent, it is also a well-known fact that introverts can be very creative individuals, who are deep, complex thinkers.

So, what should you do with all that creativity and passion stored up inside of your little introverted self? Especially, when it comes to picking a major? Believe it or not, as an introvert, there are certain college majors that are particularly fitting for you and allow you to be yourself. With that in mind, uCribs has put together our top 4 college majors for introverts!


When you think about accounting, you obviously see nothing but math. And for many, math tends to be not the most popular of subjects. But for introverts, it may be a logical path to consider. Ha, get it? Math? Logical? Anyway, those who typically study math-related subjects such as accountants typically work independently, allowing them the alone time that they crave while providing them with a fruitful career. It’s pretty much perfect, right? Whether you are an internal auditor or a public accountant, you will spend more time behind the scenes, working one-on-one with clients to meet their financial goals.

But let’s face it: even though you are more reserved as an introvert, you still value putting all your energy in developing the relationships that matter — as long as you get the quiet time you need to work on time-sensitive projects, brainstorm new ideas, and just be all around awesome. An accounting career will grant you with all of these perks and more!


Have you found yourself constantly having creative ideas, or perceiving things from an artistic perspective that others may not see? As I said previously, introverts are known for being very creative, and it’s only natural to want to put it to good use. So, why not become an art major and allow your inventive nature to truly shine? For just a moment, imagine yourself stepping into a room as an interior designer then bringing your vision to life! How rewarding would that be? Not only could you be an interior designer, but you can also immerse yourself in the world of web design, video editing, creative writing, photography, or fashion!

There’s just no denying that your introverted nature makes you more empathic, sensitive, and caring—these traits are all ideal for the working artist, who depends upon inspiration from the world around them to artistically thrive. Of course, you will have to work with people to a certain extent because no matter if you’re introverted or extroverted, networking is necessary in every industry, especially art, but for the most part, you can bask in the enjoyment of you, your ideas, and your creations.


Do you love science? More specifically, do you have a love for animals? If you’ve answered an enthusiastic “yes!” to both, then why not consider a career in biology? Biology opens you up to countless career opportunities that allow you to research, write, and best of all, contribute your brilliant ideas to the field. While it’s common for scientists to congregate with their peers at seminars and conventions, much of the work you’ll do has the potential to be independent in nature.

Plus, biology can be a mere snapshot of an even bigger picture. You could take it a step further and go to medical school, or become a veterinarian. You can also consider a career as a food scientist, forensic scientist, hydrologist, or zoologist. Even though many of these degrees require post-graduate degrees beyond a B.S. to obtain a solid career, the extra time invested could be totally worth it in the long run. Remember, if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life!


You may be wondering, “Why would I go into communications if I’m an introvert?” But introverts are the ideal candidates for launching a successful career in communications. This is because introverts have a way of seeing the world and empathizing in ways extroverts cannot. This is especially helpful in a career such as journalism, for example. Journalism is not only about being the first one to report a story. Just think about the type of news articles and editorials you like to read –you always return to that one journalist that puts out a heart-warming (and of course, well-researched) story. Honestly, how mind-boggling would it be to have to be a fan base that follows your every word?

If you prefer something that is more behind the scenes, you could take the route of being a social media manager or copywriter. Although it’s a lot of desk work for some, these career trajectories allow you the solitude you need to create and expound upon your ideas. They also provide you with ways to engage online that will keep you socially active, but not make you buckle under the pressure of traditional, in-person networking and socializing. So, if you want a career that allows you to empathize, be creative, and bring your ideas to life, step into the world of communication—or really, any of these majors and allow your true introvert to thrive.

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