Cue Billy Joel, Because Yooou’re MOVING OUT – 5 Things You Need to Know About Leaving Your Off-Campus Crib


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Tired roommates on moving day

The day has finally arrived, it’s time to pack up and get out. We know the whole moving out thing can get pretty stressful, so we’ve decided to share some knowledge to keep you from having a heart attack-ack-ack-ack during the process.

A clean crib is a happy crib:

Round up the roommates and attack that place Martha Stewart-style. Vacuum, sweep, dust, etc. Don’t forget to clean out kitchen appliances like the fridge and oven. And yes, someone needs to show that bathroom who’s boss. Some landlords may charge you or keep a portion of your security deposit to cover the cost of cleaning, so be thorough.

The lights are on but nobody’s home:

Contact all utility companies (electricity, water, cable, etc.) to terminate your services. Your landlord may take care of this for you, but it’s best to double check.

Inspection = Perfection:

Arrange a time for your landlord to come take a look at the property before you move out. They will walk through the place with you to make sure everything looks good. It’s a big money saver if you can fix any damages yourself before moving out (life lesson: carpet cleaner and a little elbow grease costs much less than hiring Stanley Steamer).

Snail Mail:

Remove your name(s) from the mailbox and have the post office hold your mail until you have your new address. Once you complete a change of address form, the post office will forward you your mail. Also make sure to give your landlord your new address if they plan to mail your security deposit.

The KEY (hint hint) to a successful move-out:

Return your keys! It’s an easy thing to miss, you’re so used to having that extra key (maybe you even tried to open your parents’ house with it once…), but something so small is actually one of the most important things to remember. Most landlords will charge you to replace any locks on the property, which will cost you a pretty penny.

See? That wasn’t so bad.

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