Is Doubling Your Major Double the Trouble? Here Are 6 Reasons Why We Think It Is Worth It


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Whether you’re fresh out of high school or approaching the end of freshman year, there’s no doubt that establishing your college major has been weighing on your mind for quite some time now. Most four-year universities require college students to select their major by the end of their sophomore year, and it can be stressful to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life, especially if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place—AKA two extremely interesting areas of study. Well, luckily enough for you, there is this wonderful concept of double majoring, where a student completes two sets of degree requirements, while obtaining their bachelor’s degree.

Double majoring can really give you a competitive edge in the job market, opening you up to more career possibilities in the future – since you will be formally educated in two subjects, after all. For the students stuck between their head and heart when it comes to deciding upon a major, it is a wonderful option that can ease your mind before you nail down a final decision. To save you both time and sanity, uCribs has compiled a blog, filled with 6 reasons why you should consider becoming a double major in college.

Get More Out of Your Education for Less $$$

Without any shred of a doubt, it’s very costly to obtain a college education once you account for the cost of tuition, fees, textbooks, school supplies, and living expenses. Even if a scholarship has covered most of your big-ticket items, you may have to supplement for the remaining balance out-of-pocket. When it comes to the cost of classes, colleges usually decide upon a flat fee, which is contingent upon the amount of credit hours and graduation requirements.

Full-time students typically take 12 undergraduate credit hours, forking over thousands of dollars for one semester alone. Those same students might be surprised to learn that once you’re considered full-time, your additional classes actually become cheaper. That’s right—after you’ve registered for your standard 12 credit hours, the cost of classes tends to decrease at most universities, allowing you to gain a more comprehensive education if you decide to double major. So, why not get your money’s worth where you can? If you’d like to maximize your college experience and come out with not one, but two amazing degrees, there’s honestly no reason for a penny-pinching college student not to do it.

Form a Connection Between Different Subjects

Another benefit of double majoring is the connections it allows you to make between different subjects. Let’s put it this way: most of your core curriculum is intended to complement other class requirements, building upon one another like blocks. One class may include introductory material, while others expand the content and dive into greater detail. As a student, it’s important that you’re able to form these connections to better your overall educational experience.

With a bit of out-of-the-box thinking, you’ll likely find that most majors offered at your university can be paired together into one cohesive course of study. Therefore, double majors can look forward to gaining an even a deeper level of knowledge and understanding than a single major student. In other words, your familiarity with certain subjects will be far more detailed than someone who decided to minor or simply fulfill their elective requirements with no distinct direction. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with pursuing one major, wouldn’t it be awesome to become well-versed in two fields of study that are equally interesting and strangely interconnected? We think so, too.

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Discover New Career Opportunities

As we get older, it becomes much easier to settle for our usual routine, as opposed to stepping outside of our comfort zone. It’s perfectly normal to shy away from change—you are human. In fact, you might recall several instances when you were more than willing to explore something new, only to have your fear of the unknown get the best of you. This same fear could have you second-guessing yourself when it comes to majoring in two subjects, as opposed to one.

Unfortunately, we often overlook our own potential because we don’t see ourselves as capable. But, you’re adept of taking on more than you might initially imagine, but you just have to make the leap and do it. If anything, a double major will allow you to discover various career opportunities that you might have not considered as a single major student. With their intense, demanding workload, double majors have an increased opportunity to stumble across something that might interest them, unlike some of us single majors, who fill our elective slots with mind-numbing alternatives. Whether you merge political science and economics or marketing and digital art, there’s an endless list of opportunities that await you at the finish line of your college experience— if you choose to declare a double major, that is.

Stand Out in Your Field

If you’re considering a double major, you’re likely a textbook over-achiever, who strived to be the best at everything throughout middle and high school, whether it’d be winning the relay race at Field Day, scoring first place at the science fair, or delivering a killer speech to your public speaking class. Similarly, as a college student, you probably find yourself seeking recognition by earning high grades, actively participating in class, and maintaining a position in several extracurricular activities. While some may find “the perfect student” lifestyle to be overbearing, it’s just the way you are and the way you’ll always be—and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

While we’re on the subject of overachieving, however, double majoring is your one-way ticket to instant recognition from future employers in search of a job candidate with a rock-solid work ethic. By having a second major, you will separate yourself from the majority of those in the same field, especially if your second degree is related to skills that are essential to the job. For example, if you were to double major in social work and a foreign language, the latter could open you up to a wider, more diverse range of clients and opportunities. Assuming that you’re committed to landing an awesome job or other opportunity post-graduation, it never hurts to develop not one, but two solid skill sets to complement your future endeavors.

Broaden Your Professional Network

While being a college student primarily involves focusing on your academics and chipping away at that highly-coveted degree, it is also the time when everyone begins building their professional network through internships and part-time jobs. With so much already on your plate and potentially very little know-how when it comes to the art of networking, it can be difficult to build a strong network of professionals to mentor you and help you find relevant employment opportunities.

Of course, your academic advisor can help kick off your networking efforts, but you’ll likely find that, as a double major, you have more of open sea to navigate when it comes to professionally networking. Simply put, do not allow your networking efforts be dictated by one field of study! One of the best things about being a double major is the likelihood that you’ll be introduced to others within both of your chosen fields. This will allow you to meet people of different demographics and academic interests, granting you with the ability to explore an extensive range of future opportunities that you might not have had available to you as a traditional, single major.

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Strengthen Your Graduate School Application

Are you currently considering graduate school? If so, then you’re probably aware of how important your GPA, student involvement, and academic achievement are—not to mention the Graduate Records Examination (GRE) that everyone dreads. This entire process can get stressful, especially when trying to think of ways to make your graduate school application stand out in comparison to other applicants. In this scenario, it’s crucial that you buckle down and make the right decisions for your college career – no pressure!

If you’re hoping to knock the socks off of your future admissions counselor, declaring a double major is an excellent way to do so. The admissions committee at your graduate school of choice seeks students with a strong and diverse background, and by double majoring, you automatically boost your presence among the committee, making you a more appealing candidate. Additionally, earning a double major illustrated that you have a great amount of dedication needed to pursue a post-graduate program with success. Honestly, if you can make it through undergrad as a double major, then we have no doubt that you’ll be able to take on whatever graduate school throws your way!

While college is heavily associated with sports, social activities, and so forth, it’s vital to carve out a solid academic plan that benefits your future. Choosing to become a double major is a great alternative for students passionate about higher education, or those who cannot decide on one major over another. By becoming a double major, you can discover your passion for several different career options, develop new ideas, and build relationships with professionals already working in your fields of choice. Just like the college experience itself, pursuing a double major will open you up to opportunities that you never knew existed but are sure to point you toward a promising future.

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