Top 5 Bars You Have to Visit While at Northgate in College Station


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Northgate (also called Gates of North by the natives of College Station) is the place students who attend Texas A&M University go to have a good time and let off some steam after a hard day of studying. Whether it’s a chill scene you’re looking for or if you’re hoping to spot a Fightin’ Texas Aggie football player, these five bars at Northgate have got you covered.

1. Chimy’s -The Bar That Johnny Built


Remember that time Johnny Manziel got drafted (22nd pick I might add) and he bought an entire bar in College Station a shot? Yeah I’m talking about THAT bar. Chimy’s is a great place to hang out and have one of their famous margaritas or Dr. Pepper shootouts. They also have great deals and Happy Hour is from 4-7:00 pm Monday through Friday! Chimy’s food is absolutely delicious, too! Try their cheesy fries with queso and normal cheese (trust me on this) and obviously dip it in ranch.

2. The Backyard

The Backyard

Do you like to play beer pong? Well at the Backyard, they have “life-size” beer pong where you throw basketballs instead of ping pong balls into red trashcans instead of red cups. The Backyard not only has a huge outside area to play washers and other outdoor games, but it has a relaxed inside area with two stories as well. There are plenty of bartenders to take care of you, so don’t worry about having to wait a long time to be served. Another bonus for some is that it’s pet friendly. The Backyard is definitely a chill place and a must-stop for your night out at Northgate.

3. Hookah Station

Hookah Station

Even if hookah isn’t your thing, Hookah Station has pretty great jams and dancing with all your friends is so much fun. Even though it’s an extremely small space, Hookah can be a blast if you’re in the mood for it. Obviously, smoking hookah is an activity that is encouraged but not required there. There are tons of different flavors and they are decently priced as well. This two-story building is usually a place that you’ll see the likes of Malcolm Kennedy and others. Hookah Station=fun time!

4. The Corner Bar & Grill

The Corner Bar & Grill

The Corner is another great relaxed bar to hang out at after dancing the night away. It’s rooftop bar provides the perfect sight to see on a nice College Station evening. There are also weekly specials and this bar is right next to Antonio’s (the best pizza at Northgate) so it makes your Northgate experience that much better.

5. The Dixie Chicken

The Dixie Chicken

How could I be an Aggie and not have the Dixie Chicken on this list? The Dixie Chicken is the original home of Ring Dunk and has Aggies named carved into its wood all over the place. The “old-time” feel and the many pool tables make this bar a MUST to visit. Last year the Dixie Chicken turned 40 years old and Aggies everywhere can remember playing dominoes there at some point in their college career. The Dixie Chicken is a tradition in Aggieland. Oh yeah, and did I mention they have a pet rattle snake (safely caged in glass where there is no way a human could be harmed)? Let’s save that story for another time…

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