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The uCribs team would like to welcome Lev Novak to our growing list of. Lev is a recent graduate of Tufts University in Boston, MA and is currently shopping his first novel. While in college, Lev wrote for College Humor and Hack College.

At uCribs, Lev will be entertaining and informing our readings with his witty (and hopefully helpful!) musings about college living. But before we let Lev start, we wanted to ask him three random questions:

You have your first novel completed. Can you tell us what its about?

Beyond Average is about David Benson, a quiet and totally average high-school student. One day, however he is approached by the Michael Young the coolest kid in school who insists he can make David Benson into everything he wants to be…but only at the expense of everything he is. Beyond Average is an often funny story about friendship, girls and what it means to be yourself.

If you could have dinner with 1 deceased person, who would that be and why?

Elvis, hands down. Other people might sound good on paper, but when it comes to a good guy to eat with, you can’t do better than the king.

If you had dinner with Shakespeare, for example, you know the whole time he’ll be distracted- he’ll be too busy thinking of a play to write, or, more likely, a really funny tweet- but with Elvis, I know we’ll be on the same page. Abraham Lincoln is great and all, but I want a guy who’ll order a hamburger covered in steak, or a bacon-milkshake with a french-fry straw. Besides that, Elvis and I would probably make a band together, and tour around the country while solving mysteries, and that’s just not something Mother Theresa can compete with.

You are also a stand-up comedian. When will we see the Lev Novak show on Comedy Central?

That’s hard to say, but I hope it happens. I’ve been writing more than performing lately, but stand-up will always remain close to my heart. By the time I get back to it, though, I’ll probably be an old guy yelling at kids to get off my lawn (in space) or about my ex-wife (a robot.) Hopefully Comedy Central thinks that’s worth a show. I know I do.

You can find Lev at:

Twitter: @LevNovak

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