10 Exciting Activities to Add to Your Winter Bucket List


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Although you might be grateful that the holidays are over, and that the added pressures of gift giving on a budget and obligatory family get-togethers are finally out of the way, you may find yourself in a bit of a post-holiday slump. Though we can’t deny that holidays tend to up our spirits in the best way possible, you shouldn’t let the end of the season bum you out. Instead, get active in the best ways you know how!

Sure, maybe that’s difficult for you in the wintertime—especially if you live somewhere with a harsher climate. But, no matter where you are, there are endless winter activities that you can take part in to keep the post-holiday season fun flowing. While you may feel overwhelmed planning any events soon after Hanukkah, Christmas, and so forth, we believe there’s nothing better than taking the time to refocus your attention on yourself before the Spring semester is in full force. That’s why your friends at uCribs have come up with 10 of the most exciting activities to add to your winter bucket list.

Host a Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, so you know what that means…it’s time to host the ultimate Super Bowl gathering for your fellow football lovers! Invite your closest friends over, set up your living room for optimal viewing, and whip up all of your favorite half-time snacks. It will give your peers something to look forward to outside your usual tailgate and provide you with an excuse to keep the holiday party going well after the New Year. Even if you don’t have a favorite team playing, hosting a party is a good way to eat great food guilt-free, indulge in meaningful conversations with guests, and have more than a few laughs along the way. Plus, did anyone say Super Bowl commercials?!

Attend a Hockey Game

If you didn’t get enough fandom from your Super Bowl party, then this suggestion may be right up your alley. Let’s face it: there’s nothing quite like spending an afternoon surrounded by screaming fans with painted faces – and sometimes awesome costumes to match – as their favorite players duke it out on the ice. That’s right, we’re talking about an action-packed game of hockey. Even if you didn’t grow up with the sport, it’s still fun to watch these athletes navigate what is essentially a giant sheet of ice. The fast pace of the game, the rivalry between players, the physicality of the game… it all makes hockey very entertaining to watch, even if you’re like us and are never sure of what exactly is going on!

Learn to Snowboard

Located in a snowy climate? If so, you’re likely well aware that winter is the perfect time to indulge in a bevy of winter sports. Skiing, sledding, and ice skating are all of the usual suspects—but have you ever tried your hand at snowboarding?  Expand your recreational skills by taking a few classes to help you make it down the glistening bunny slope. It may feel like more trouble than it’s worth but trust us when we say that you’ll be glad you picked up a new skill once you’re showing off your new moves to your friends— who are just bound to be jealous in some capacity.

Take Yourself Ice Fishing

Allow us to set the scene: the sun rises over the still water as you sit on the edge of the dock, reeling in a big fish from the lake. You don’t have a care in the world – and you certainly aren’t about to kill your vibe by thinking about classes, tests, or papers. While it isn’t yet time for your warm-weather fishing trip, you still might be able to indulge in one of your favorite hobbies depending on your location. Ice fishing is a favorite of many northerners, and it’s not difficult to see why. Heading out onto the ice feels like nothing short of an adventure! And although you’ll require highly specialized equipment for this particular adventure, you should be able to hodgepodge what you need between you and your peers.

Go Ice Skating

From frozen, shimmering ponds to glistening snow, the winter season boasts some of the most gorgeous scenery of the year. While it may be difficult to drag yourself out of the warm comfort of your apartment, your winter bucket list will surely benefit from your bravery! So, strap on a pair of ice skates, wrap yourself up in your warmest parka, and head over the nearest rink. Whether it’s natural or manmade is irrelevant—all that matters is breathing in the fresh air and emptying your mind of all prior obligations as you majestically glide along the ice. No wonder why ice skating is the ultimate winter experience!

Make a Snow Angel

There’s nothing more quintessential to winter fun than making a snow angel. Even if you’re not lucky enough to live near snow, there’s no passing up this time-tested winter activity. Just make sure that you’re all bundled up as you free fall into that crisp, white snow – or a sizeable pile of leaves! After that, how you proceed is up to you. Whether you hastily create one angel or buckle down to create multiple, there’s nothing better than realizing that your creations are worthy of a Winter Wonderland.

Enjoy Homemade Hot Chocolate

Nothing sets the mood for a chill, winter night sitting fireside like a cup of hot chocolate—especially if you’ve just been knee deep in the snow, creating your snow angel.  Our favorite thing about hot chocolate? You can make it a variety of ways. Topped with whipped cream and sprinkles, peppered with roasted marshmallows, or finished off with a dash of peppermint extract and a candy cane stirrer—we love it all. Complete your hot chocolate party with a good movie and a few warm blankets, and you’re well on your way to some top-notch winter R&R.

Plan a Bonfire

Perfectly constructed s’mores, ghost stories, and of course, the warm fire—it all adds up to a wonderful night spent under the stars. That’s why putting together a bonfire for you and all of your closest friends is the perfect activity to add to your winter bucket list. Best of all, it doesn’t require a camping trip—all you need is an approved space, whether it be somewhere on your university’s campus or a communal spot in your off-campus apartment community. So, what are you waiting for? Get those marshmallows roasting!

Have an Indoor Picnic

Don’t you love how most of our suggestions include food? To keep in the spirit of all things delicious, why not plan a picnic? The activity, typically reserved for spring and summer, gets winter-worthy spin when you move the party indoors. All you need to do is clear enough space on your living room floor to recreate a picnic scene in your own apartment! Set it up with a blanket, wicker basket, and of course, all of your favorite picnic staples: finger sandwiches, chips and dip, cookies… the sky is the limit! You can even stream the latest Netflix release while you dine in!

Spend the Night in a Cozy Cabin

Before we wrap up our bucket list suggestions, we have to mention our last—and possibly, favorite—winter bucket list activity. Given that you have the time and financial means, why not load up the car and take a short trip to a cozy cabin before the next semester is in full swing? You can easily find affordable options for cabins on apps such as Airbnb and VRBO. Better yet, you might be able to knock out a lot of the activities on your winter bucket list simply by staying in a cabin for a few days. Whether you enlist friends to join you or decide to fly solo, spending some time in a bona fide winter cabin is sure to provide the perfect ending to your holiday break.

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