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uCribs gives renters the platform and tools to get their sublet rented fast, easy, and free. Market your sublet across the largest rental housing marketplace for off-campus renters to find their next home. We are changing how students find off-campus housing near their college, and are the go-to search site dedicated to apartments near universities.


Create a free uCribs account to post your available sublet.


Creating a listing takes just a few minutes and is 100% free.


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Students with available sublets near colleges and universities who are looking to reach potential renters can create a free account. Creating an account fast and easy, it usually takes less than a minute.

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With a free account, you can create a full uCribs listing. Our listings provide you with the ability to write a description, upload multiple pictures, floor plans and amenities. Creating a listing takes just a few minutes and is 100% free.

Respond to Leads

Having a sublet on uCribs will drive interested renters to your listing. However, you’ll need to act on those leads to rent your place. Responding in under 15 minutes gives you the best chance at subletting your place.

Enjoy Your New Freedom

Having your listing on uCribs will help you rent your sublet fast. Share your listing with your friends to get your sublet seen by more people. The faster your sublet is rented, the faster someone else will be paying your rent.

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