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Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Louisiana State University is home to the Bayou Bengal Tigers and innovators of Saturday night college football. Located in the beautiful city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University is a hidden oasis within the historical neighborhood of South Baton Rouge. Downtown Baton Rouge is located on the outskirts of campus and it truly exemplifies the spirit of the capital city of Louisiana. There is something to do year round. In the fall, Tiger Stadium, notoriously dubbed as “Death Valley” is the place where rival football teams go to die and Tiger fan’s live out their wildest dreams. In the Spring, crawfish boils and the faint scent of beer fills the air. As the flagship university of the state and nationally recognized research institution, LSU’s academics are second to none. From finding a quiet spot to study in the coffee shops surrounding campus to engaging in the Cajun shenanigans that take place on the weekend, LSU is home and by the time you leave, you’ll have your own definition to the term “Callin’ Baton Rouge”.

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Living at Louisiana State University


Baton Rouge has a plethora of bars and nightclubs, with Tiger Land being the hub of nightlife activity for decades. A quick Wednesday Karaoke night at Mellow Mushroom pizzeria is fun for all ages. The Varsity theatre and adjacent Chime’s restaurant are the perfect date night spot for concerts or groups to go rock out. Perkins Rowe is perfect for the lovers out there, equipped with a movie theatre, restaurants and shopping boutiques to explore while taking a romantic stroll. For the slow paced south, LSU nightlife has its way of speeding up the night with no plans of slowing down.


For those who are weary of walking at night, Campus Transit takes students to destinations on the outskirts of campus. The Tiger Trails Bus System takes students as far as Downtown Baton Rouge and the Garden District. Capital Area Transit System, or CATS, is the city bus system, but no one recommends using it. For those far out trips, find a buddy with a car and offer some gas money.


LSU is known as a walking and biking campus. Student necessities and luxuries are located within walking distance of campus. The two blocks outside the north gate of campus, effectively coined “Northgate” host pharmacies, Fed Ex, and banks, as well as restaurants, entertainment spot and performance venues. For those Saturday game nights, invest in a comfortable pair of shoes because you may be walking around the approximate two-mile campus more than three times.

Party Scene

Louisiana State University has come to be known as the “Land of the House Parties”. A party happens at one housing property and is followed by police sirens. Just like the fighting Tiger spirit, the party is just moved to another apartment. As the famous saying goes, “The show must go on.” Downtown Baton Rouge is known for bar hopping. With all major bars and restaurants being on one street, it’s safe for those alcoholic indulgers and lenient on the ladies who wear heels. If house parties and Baton Rouge bars aren’t your scene, then hop in the car and make the trek to New Orleans, LA where the saying is “Les Bon Temps Rouler”: Let the good times roll in the Big Easy.

Area Crime

LSU is no different than most college campuses regarding location. The university is located in the middle of a lower income neighborhood. There are more crimes reported on the North side of campus than the South side. Business Insider ranked LSU the 9th most dangerous college in America and reported 26 violent crime incidents per year and 474 property crime incident per year in 2012. The university has an emergency text system in place to alert students when a crime has been reported. It’s best to carry some protection such as mace when traveling alone. Always remember to lock your doors and be aware of your surroundings.

Off-Campus Dining

If there is one thing that separates Louisiana from the rest of the country, it is the mouth watering unique Cajun cuisine. There is no way you will enter the swamps and not get a taste of seafood. Just about every restaurant around campus offers it, but Parrain’s Seafood has been a corner stone of the Tiger community for years. Louie’s Café has been serving the LSU area since 1948. The classic American café is a 24-hour spot where students go to study, recover from hang overs and pig out in one central location. Mexican, Japanese and Italian are in no shortage either. LSU has the best grub on and around the campus.

Neighborhoods around Louisiana State University

South Baton Rouge

South Baton Rouge is one of the older neighborhoods in Baton Rouge, dating back more than 50 years. This neighborhood is filled with historical landmarks, resident murals and African American heritage. While some areas of the neighborhood should not be traveled at night, South Baton Rouge is part of university life. On Saturday football game days, LSU students, faculty and alumni mix with the residents of the neighborhood for the ultimate tailgating experience. If you want to partake in Baton Rouge culture, take a stroll on the outskirts of campus and see what enrichment awaits you.

Garden District

The Garden District is the historical hot spot for our more affluent Baton Rougians. This neighborhood is home to Antebellum homes, cozy cottages and garden homes with some converted into duplexes for students. The Garden District gives you the old school Southern suburban feel, back when neighbors knew each other’s names and your kids walked together in groups. This is where most LSU professors and their families call home. This is a nice neighborhood to visit as you run the LSU lakes. Take in the view.

Highland Road North and surrounding areas

Highland Road and the surrounding areas are where the prominent doctors, lawyers, politicians and business men live. Needless to say if your income is six figures. These elegant Victorian homes have over five bedrooms and multiple stories. It is nice to see LSU alumni plates on the cars in the driveway and see what success the University has birthed.

University Area

The blocks surrounding the university are where most students live. There is a limitless number of condos, apartment homes and duplexes where the students lay their heads at night. As apartment complexes are constantly built and their names change it doesn’t affect the percentage of students who live in the area. They will never have a problem finding an affordable place to live on the outskirts of campus. The biggest bonus is the proximity of being able to walk to class.

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