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Landlords who are looking to reach thousands of potential renters can create a free landlord account. Creating an account takes 30 seconds.

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With a free account, you can create a full uCribs listing. Our listings provide you with the ability to write a description, upload multiple pictures, add floor plans and amenities. Creating a listing can take just a few minutes and is 100% free.

Keep Information Up to Date

Having a listing on uCribs is just the start. You’ll want to keep your listing fresh and up to date with current information. Keep your rents and descriptions as accurate as possible help drive more quality leads. Did we mention that we do this all for free?

Convert Leads to Renters

Having a listing on uCribs will drive more leads to your property. However, you’ll need to act on those leads to turn them into renters. Our research shows that responding to leads in under 15 minutes during business hours gives you the best chance at converting a lead to a renter.


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