Expiration Dates: Not Just For The Milk What to Do When Your Lease Expires


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Ah, summer. Finals are over, the birds are chirping, the grass is green, your lease is about to expire… EXPIRE?! Don’t panic, uCribs prepared you for this. You knew this day would come; certainly you couldn’t stay here forever. But as you say a bittersweet farewell, here are a few things to keep in mind when your lease ends.

To renew, or not to renew

Some leases will state an automatic renewal clause (note: not to be confused with Santa Claus). This means that your lease will renew itself unless you notify your landlord – in writing – that you do not intend to stay after the current lease has ended. Be sure to read your lease carefully to check for this.

Plan, plan, plan.

Take care of things like scheduling moving trucks, leasing storage units, and arranging for utilities to be turned off well before you leave. Strapping that couch to the roof of your sedan and storing your collection of DVDs in your parents’ basement? You’ve had better ideas. Plan ahead.

…Now get out.

Your lease should specify a date on which you’re required to move out. Some landlords ask that you give them notice before leaving, others do not. Be sure to read your lease carefully and talk with your landlord to find out if notice is required.

Now say your tearful goodbyes and never look back.

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