Try Your Green Thumb at Plant Parenting with These 5 Easy-to-Grow Varieties


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There comes a time in every young person’s life, when they must ask themselves a pivotal question: should I get a plant? Plant parenting has been a thing for years, but it’s recently come into vogue once again – thanks to the novel coronavirus and all the extra free time we have on our hands. Need proof? Scroll through any Instagram influencer’s feed, and you’ll no doubt spot at least one plant. Even your pals, who are typically pretty anti-trend, are taking special interest in their new “fronds,” obsessing over planting tools and watering techniques when they aren’t busy readjusting to life on campus 

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably already made the choice to start the adventure that is plant parenting. But, what if you have no background knowledge on plants and gardening, or – gasp! – don’t have a naturally green thumb? Luckily for you, you don’t have to be a natural gardener to become an accomplished plant parent. In fact, you can start slow, with safe, hard-to-kill plants that will show you the ropes. So, without further ado, uCribs presents 5 plant varieties perfect for your foray into plant parenting.  

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Prayer Plants 

With their colorful variations and patterned leaves, Prayer Plants, from the Maranta species, are some of the most unique plants you can parent. Sometimes, you can even find a pink-hued Prayer Plant! Aside from their color, these plants are also unique due to their fascinating growing patterns. You can actually watch as their leaves fold and unfold, depending on the time of day— hence, the name! When it comes to care, Prayer Plants prefer warm, sunny locations, though they can flourish in most weather conditions. However, they can also attract indoor pests, so be sure to keep an eye on your plant’s soil and leaves and be prepared to relocate the plant if necessary.  


Dreaming of a hanging plant with an abundance of trailing leaves? Pick up a Pothos plant! You could say that Pothos are the Rapunzel of the plant world, with leaves that grow to be an excess of ten-feet long. Unlike other plants with long, luscious leaves, Pothos plants aren’t hard to take care of. Though their incredible lengths require some pruning, they are tolerant of all light conditions, even artificial lights. They don’t require constant watering, preferring to dry out between drinking up plenty of H20. Just be sure you don’t leave them without water for too long, or their leaves will wilt, dry, and fall off.  

Aloe Vera 

Is it any surprise that the uCribs team has a thing for Aloe Vera? We’ve recommended this plant time and again. It is not only useful for easing sunburns, moisturizing skin, and healing minor cuts, but this eternally cool plant is also hard to kill and can grow for years in the very same container, meaning it doesn’t get too fussy about the repotting. Aloe Vera is a succulent, so it needs very little water, but it does require indirect sunlight to stay in tip-top shape. Remember, should you ever need the Aloe Vera’s sap, never remove more than one-third of a leaf. Otherwise, it might not grow back. All in all, you can “set it and forget it” with Aloe Vera – just be sure to give them enough TLC when it’s needed. 

Dracaena Giganta 

As the name suggests, this plant variation gives plant parents a big visual pay-off, with large, green leaves sure to brighten up your off-campus apartment – and your Instagram grid that’s in dire need of content. The Dracaena Giganta is variegated – meaning that it has gorgeous color variation among its leaves – and can reach a height of three-feet indoors. If you rent an apartment with low to medium light, this plant is perfect for you. Plus, Dracaena Giganta only needs watering when the soil feels dry to the touch, making it ideal for busy college students – or, plant parent newbies still learning the ins-and-outs of regular watering schedules.  


Some plants are beautiful, but slight, making them easy to overlook when you step into a room. Not so with Aglaonemas! This lush, bright green plant is full and eye-catching, with large leaves that can surprisingly be contained within a medium-sized planter. Because Aglaonemas thrive in every light condition except direct sun, they’re great for your hallway, bathroom, or any corner space begging for a bit of visual interest. Just don’t forget to water them frequently, so that the soil stays moist 24/7. They’ll shrivel up or turn brown if left without water for too long – and who wants to see your new plant baby in a state like that 

Ready to pick-up a few plants to call your own? We can’t blame you! Plant parenting is not only super trendy right now, but it’s also a legitimate pastime and a great way to gain a rewarding skill. Not to mention, numerous studies support the assertion that plants boost your mood and better your air quality! Pretty cool, huh? uCribs recommends starting your collection with these 5 attractive, easy-to-grow varieties, which will look great in your off-campus apartment without cramping your already busy lifestyle.  

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