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As we head toward the final days of July, you might be wondering where the time has gone. After all, between the ever-stressful coronavirus news cycle and a political uprising being likened to those of the 1960s, it’s likely that this summer hasn’t exactly lived up to expectation and has led to more anxiety than relaxation. You could even say that the past few months have been one big blur. (Don’t worry, we can totally relate.) 

Though you might feel slighted by Summer 2020, it’s still possible for you to hold on to the beloved summertime feeling or recreate it altogether — just in time for August and September. Since you’re staying in a lot more than usual lately, why not turn to a few fun DIY projects to set the mood in the space where you’re spending all of your time? uCribs has a few awesome, easy-to-follow tutorials we’d love to share with you – and, best of all, they’re perfect for decorating your pad on a strict budget 

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Succulent Pineapple Planter 

When you think of summertime, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you’re like us, it’s something tropical, like the white sand at your favorite beach, the sparkling waters of your apartment community’s swimming pool, or even something as random as a bright, juicy pineapple! There’s nothing quite like enjoying fresh, cold chunks of pineapple, while soaking up the summer sun…or lounging in the indoor air conditioner with Disney+ streaming on your TV. Now, your apartment can enjoy a tropical pick-me-up with this Succulent Pineapple Planter tutorial. This DIY project transforms any run-of-the-mill terracotta planter pot into a pineapple-inspired masterpiece, perfect for holding your favorite flowers, herbs, or succulents. Check it out! 


  • Small terracotta pot 
  • White air-dry clay 
  • Water   
  • Paper towels 
  • Yellow paint 
  • Paintbrush 
  • White paint marker 
  • Potting soil 
  • Succulent plant 
  • Fine sandpaper, if desired  


  1. First, you’ll want to apply the air-dry clay to the outside of your terracotta planter pot. Dust off your pot, then apply white air-dry clay to the outside. Layer the clay so that it covers the outside of the pot entirely. Dip your fingers in water occasionally to achieve a more even finish.  
  2. Let the clay air-dry overnight. To see if it’s fully dried, press on the sides of the pot. If it is squishy, allow more time to dry.  
  3. Once the pot is fully dried, you’re ready to paint. But first, know that this is an optimal time to use fine sandpaper to give the planter one final smooth-over.  
  4. Happy with the texture of your planter? Paint your pot yellowallowing to fully dry before moving on to the next step. 
  5. Now, plan where the lines are going to be. The lines are what will make your pineapple planter look more realistic! Use a white paint marker to mark eight evenly spaced dots on the pot’s top.  
  6. Start drawing the lines with the white paint pen. It might help to paint all of the lines going in one direction, letting them dry. Finish the process with lines going in the other direction. 
  7. Once the project is complete and fully dry, fill the pot with potting soil and add the succulent plant of your choice!  


Floral Garland with Lights  

Aside from fresh fruit, flowers seem to be synonymous with the warm weather months. So, why not bring a bit of their beauty indoors with a Floral Garland that can wrap around the walls of your living area or bedroom? Using faux flowers, green floral wire, and battery-operated twinkle lights, this Floral Garland will sparkle with a soft, magical glow that you can easily enjoy from any room or outdoor space. The best part? This project is also perfect décor for future parties and holiday events – but for now, it will create the ultimate cozy haven to enjoy on those beloved summertime evenings. So, how can you go wrong with this DIY activity? Oh, that’s right – you can’t!  


  • 5-10 faux flowers, depending on length of twinkle lights, with pliable stems 
  • Green floral wire 
  • Battery-operated twinkle lights 
  • Scissors  


  1. Gather your selection of faux flowers. Cueach flower at the base of the stemDo not cut the flower stem too short because it helps to have a long stem to wrap with wire. 
  2. Arrange your flowers along the twinkle lights. Hold them in place with one hand, using the other hand to wrap green floral wire around each stem so they stay in place. 
  3. Continue to line the twinkle lights with flowers. Make sure to layer the flowers properly over the floral wire, so it’s invisible to the eye when you hang your garland up.  
  4. Hang your new flower garland wherever you’d like to enjoy a pretty glow worthy of your favorite summer memories!  


Abstract Watercolor Pillows 

As a cash-strapped college student, it’s likely that your off-campus apartment is lacking a bit in the style department…but, hey, that’s why you have your pals at uCribs to help you make the most of your space! That’s also why we think you should try out this whimsical DIY project for Abstract Watercolor Pillows. Don’t worry –  even though this tutorial may sound advanced, It’s actually surprisingly simple to give your old throw pillows an Urban Outfitters-like makeover using pillow covers, craft paint, waterand a fabric medium. From there, all you have to do is give each pillow cover a few passes with your paintbrush and watch as your pillow comes alive with dreamy hues! 


  • White cotton pillow covers, sized to fit your pillows  
  • Craft paint, in colors of your choosing 
  • Small bowl of water 
  • Fabric medium 
  • Paintbrush 


  1. Start by laying out your pillowcase or pillow cover on a flat, smooth surface. If you’re worried about protecting the surface from paint, lay down newspapers or trash bags before you begin. 
  2. Now, prepare your paint. To achieve a soft watercolor look, you’ll need to mix the craft paint with a bit of fabric medium and plenty of water. Don’t be afraid of a little trial and error. 
  3. Use a paintbrush and paint swaths of color onto your pillowcase or cover. Wherever two colors meet, overlap them a bit. This makes the colors blend together and look soft and layered. 
  4. Once the front design is dry, flip your case or cover over and continue the process on the backside of the pillow. Allow everything to dry thoroughly.  
  5. When the cover is fully dry, insert your pillow and admire your work of art! 

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